List of Best Orange Fish Names (+Top Tips To Choose!)

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Looking for the best name for your orange fish? Then you’ve come to the right place! Being the fish keeper of three home aquariums, I’m quite excited to share suitable names for your orange fish. 

Whether it is an orange-colored goldfish, platy, molly, or any other orange aquarium fish. You can find the best name for all. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Here’s The List Of Best Orange Fish Names:

  • Pumpi
  • Dracian
  • Leona
  • Octusa
  • Zeel
  • Flurry
  • Passio
  • Advesa
  • Zinga
  • Cranny
  • Scarlet

Read on to find out more orange fish names categorized based on different inspirations to help you choose the perfect one.

Orange Fish Names Inspired By Plants

  • Petra: Inspired by the petra croton plant that has multiple colors in its foliage including a bright orange shade in its leaves. This name is perfect if you are looking for an orange fish name that starts with P and is short and catchy.
  • Jacky: Inspired by Flapjack, which is also popular as the paddle plant. It has big and flat leaves and gets an orange-red hue when you expose it to the sun. The name sounds cool and catchy, right? So feel free to choose it for your orange aquarium
  • Fredu: Inspired by Fred Ives Houseplant which can take different color hues (yes, including orange) based on the light exposure. The name sounds cute and will go well with male orange fish. 
  • Dracian: Inspired by Red Edged Dracena, a plant that has beautiful slender foliage along with orange red edges. 
  • Oxalis: Inspired by the Golden Oxalis Plant whose foliage is in shades of orange, pink, and copper. This name sounds interesting and can be given to any orange-colored fish.

Orange Fish Names Inspired By Flowers

  • Lily: Inspired by Orange Lily which is also popularly known as tiger lily or fire lily. This name will suit well with any orange fish, especially the ones that have similar kinds of color patterns as that of the orange lily. Here’s what an orange lily looks like:
  • Tuly: Inspired by Orange Tulip. Although tulips are available in almost all colors, the orange tulip is a fragrant tulip with light orange petals. The name tuly is quite catchy and sounds very cute. So you can give it to any orange fish.
  • Lucy: Inspired by Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’, an attractive variety that has bright orange or red flowers. So if you have a fish like a blood parrot cichlid whose color seems to be similar to that of the flower then this name suits well.
  • Gerbera: Inspired by Orange Gerbera which has daisy-like bright and lively flowers. The name sounds powerful and big. So pause for a moment and think which of your orange fish deserves to be called Gerbera 🙂 
  • Leona: Inspired by Lion’s Tail, a semi-evergreen shrub that produces tubular orange flowers. So if you have a slender-looking range fish, that is fast moving and active, then this name suits well. What do you think?


Orange Fish Names Inspired By Food 

  • Pumpi: Inspired by Pumpkin and this will be best for healthy and fluffy-looking orange fish. Just like a pumpkin looks. 😉
  • Carro: Inspired by Carrot and the name sounds a bit energetic and speedy. So look around in your aquarium and see which orange fish deserves this name!
  • Melana: Inspired by Watermelon. Sounds good and pleasing. What do you think?
  • Origa: Inspired by Orange. Goes well with any orange fish.
  • Squashy: Inspired by Squash. This name fits well with any orange fish, especially if the fish is a bit fat and healthy 🙂

Orange Fish Names Inspired By Animals

  • Orefox: Inspired by Red Fox. This name is good if you love the red fox animal and want to give a similar kind of name to your orange fish.
  • Octusa: Inspired by the curled Octopus that displays the shades of red, yellow, or orange. Also, it can also change the color of its body. This name can suit well with male or female orange fish. The name also sounds short and catchy.
  • Tamarin: Inspired by Golden Lion Tamarin, a small monkey whose color is from golden-yellow to golden orange. Do you have an orange fish that is always playful and active? Then this name can suit well.
  • Oriole: Inspired by the beautiful fruit-loving bird called Baltimore Oriole. 
  • Tirega: Inspired by Tiger. Is your fish powerful and aggressive like a tiger? Then naming it Tirega would make sense.

Orange Fish Names Inspired By Feelings

Generally, orange is described as an energetic color and the feelings of enthusiasm and excitement are associated with it.

So here I’m sharing with you the names that are inspired by the synonyms of the word enthusiasm: 

  • Relisha: Inspired by the word Relish.
  • Zeel: Inspired by the word Zeal.
  • Earnesso: Inspired by the word Earnestness.
  • Devora: Inspired by the word Devotion.
  • Zinga: Inspired by the word Zinga

Here are some of the best fish names inspired by the synonyms of the word excitement:

  • Passio: Inspired by the word Passion
  • Furoma: Inspired by the word Furore
  • Flurry: Inspired by the word Flurry
  • Thrish: Inspired by the word Thrill
  • Advesa: Inspired by the word Adventure

Other Orange Fish Names

  • Donut: Inspired By Donuts
  • Cranny: Inspired By Cranberry
  • Ambrosa: Inspired By Ambrosia Salad
  • Sunny: Inspired by Sun
  • Fiera: Inspired By Fire
  • Toloma: Inspired By Entoloma Quadratum (a Fungus)
  • Aprico: Inspired by Apricot
  • Santola: Inspired by Santol fruit
  • Cockasi: Inspired by the Guianan Cock-of-the-rock Bird
  • Conura: Inspired by the Sun Conure Bird
  • Robin: Inspired by the Flame Robin Bird
  • Ruddy: Inspired by The Ruddy Kingfisher
  • Scarlet: Inspired by The Scarlet Tanager Bird

Tips For Choosing The Names Of Your Orange Colored Fish

Selecting the right name of your aquarium friend is important. Why? Because the name is what further encourages your love and attachment with your pet fish. 

Here are the top 3 tips for naming your fish:

  • Short & Catchy
  • Raises Emotion
  • Relatable

You and everyone in your house will be calling the fish with the name you give to it. If you keep a very long or unsuitable name, then it may not be that interesting. 

Let’s face it, we like to call names that are short and catchy. And if the names are long, we automatically shorten them? So why not select the short and catchy names right off the bat.

Moreover, it would be good if the name you choose raises certain emotions or moods in yourself. 

And that emotion should somehow be relatable with the fish you call. This is of course an optional point but can be helpful if you are obsessed with naming your fish.

Choosing a relatable name will also make it memorable. And calling your pet fish with the name that best describes their characteristics is really best.

Final Thoughts

So these were the orange fish name ideas and some helpful points to keep in mind while choosing the perfect name.

Now after choosing the name for your orange fish, what next? 

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