eFishkeeping is an online platform where fishkeepers can learn various things related to the fishkeeping and aquarium hobby. eFishkeeping provides helpful informational content to its readers about fish, fish tanks, and other fishkeeping related topics.

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Who is behind eFishkeeping?

eFishkeeping was started in the December 2020 by its founder and main content creator, Praveen Ghoshal, and since then the website is providing valuable fishkeeping and aquarium hobby-related content to its readers.

Here’s one of my videos from the YouTube Channel:

As a child, I (Praveen Ghoshal) spent most of my time learning about fishkeeping with my Dad. And since then, I’m always excited about it!

Currently, I maintain 3 fish tanks with my Dad. And at our home, our whole family enjoys this hobby.

I always like learning new things about fishkeeping and sharing them with everyone.

So, I created eFishkeeping in December 2020 in hopes of helping fish keepers of all levels with their highly exciting aquarium hobby.

Apart from feeding the fish in our home aquariums, I read several fishkeeping books and watch several fishkeeping videos.

And out of excitement, I created a YouTube Channel where I share my fishkeeping knowledge and experience.

Using my daily learnings, research, and experience that I gain from actually maintaining the 3 home fish tanks, I create helpful fishkeeping content.

Here are some of the articles you can check:

  • and many more…

If you like what I’m doing, then I highly encourage you to share my content with others. And thanks for visiting my blog. Please feel free to come back again to read content related to fishkeeping and aquarium hobby 🙂