Do Goldfish Sleep? (How, Signs, & What To Do)


For a goldfish keeper, it’s always a great pleasure to discover their cute friend sleeping and enjoying the tank life. But do goldfish really sleep? The short answer: Goldfish do sleep; however, it’s more like being in a motionless state instead of laying on the side. So the more appropriate way of describing the goldfish’s … Read more

Top 12 Aquarium Industry And Fish [Statistics & Data]


This article was published on 25 September 2022. Tip – Press Ctrl + D to bookmark this page, pin this page on your Pinterest board, or save it to your swipe file for later referencing purposes. Key Takeaways:  In total, 11.8 million US households own freshwater fish, while 2.9 million own saltwater fish. Nearly 1 … Read more

Explained: Do Goldfish Need A Heater? [Temperature Guide]


When keeping goldfish, a time comes when you start wondering whether they really need a heater or not. Generally, goldfish are cold water species, so it is not necessary to have heaters for them. However, adding a water heater is important, especially if you have fancy goldfish and want to maintain a stable temperature. Read … Read more

What Do Fish Eggs Look Like? [With Pictures & Chart]


Explore what fish eggs look like, the five best examples with pictures, and essential information about each one of them, in this informative guide. What Do Fish Eggs Look Like? Fish eggs are generally small, round, or oval-shaped and look like seeds from a distance. The eggs typically have white, translucent, or other shades of … Read more