Top 12 Aquarium Industry And Fish [Statistics & Data]


This article was published on 25 September 2022. Tip – Press Ctrl + D to bookmark this page, pin this page on your Pinterest board, or save it to your swipe file for later referencing purposes. Key Takeaways:  In total, 11.8 million US households own freshwater fish, while 2.9 million own saltwater fish. Nearly 1 … Read more

Mysis Shrimp Vs Bloodworms: All You Should Know!


Mysis shrimp and bloodworms both make great supplements to your pellet or flake diet and provide protein and amino acids to help your fish thrive. You might wonder what exactly the differences are when it comes to Mysis shrimp vs. bloodworms.  Mysis shrimps are small crustaceans similar to shrimp that are a great source of … Read more