Top 11 Funny Fish And Aquarium Memes

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Looking for some funny and hilarious fish memes? Then you’ve come to right place.

In this blog post, we will share with you a list of top 11 fish and aquarium related memes that you will enjoy sharing with your fishkeeping friends.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

#1. Funny Fish Aquarium Meme


Explanation: Buying a big fish tank can be costly. And the meme beautifully depicts the condition of how an aquarist feels when he tries to save the money for the hobby.

#2. Funny Fish Meme


Explanation: Fin nippers are fish that have the habit of nipping fins of other fish. Tiger barbs are a great example of fin nippers. When you add them in a tank of peaceful fish with delicate fins, they think themselves as a tiger. But when you add them in an African cichlid tank, they would feel like a helpless kitty because African cichlids can easily eat them up!

#3. Fishkeeping Meme


Explanation: The meme beautifully depicts the emotion of an aquarist who buys new fish and adds to the aquarium but doesn’t know their name. It’s a funny expression that many fishkeepers can relate!

#4. Fish Care Meme


Explanation: Sometimes, fishkeepers tend to be quite obsessive in taking care of their fish. The above meme is an hilarious expression of how an aquarist would look while thinking about fish and if they are getting enough sleep or not.

#5. New Fish Meme


Explanation: When you add any new fish to the tank, their primary goal is to immediately hide in a hiding spot in the tank and asses the surroundings. But as soon as they are used to with the tank, you can easily see their mischievous behavior of harassing other fish in the tank.

#6. Betta Fish Meme


Explanation: Usually, two betta fish can’t be kept together because they tend to fight a lot with each other. So when you add a new betta fish to the tank where a betta fish is already present, it’s quite natural to observe his fiery looks.

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#7. Fish Tank Cleaning Meme


Explanation: Aquarium fish tend to look quite curiously when you use those magnetic aquarium algae scrubbers while cleaning the tank.

#8. Aquarium Hobby Meme


Explanation: The above meme shows the funny reaction of a fishkeeper when the fish constantly fight and the fishkeeper can’t stop them.

#9. Clown Loach Meme


Explanation: In the aquarium hobby, clown loaches are well known for their snail-eating habit. So when you see a lot of empty snail shells lying around in your tank, the clown loach is quite possibly the culprit.

#10. Fish Feeding Meme


Explanation: Sometimes, when fish tend to show a very unappealing and sad attitude when they are not hungry and you want them to feed. The above meme depicts the situation in a funny way!

#11. Fish Tank Maintenance Meme


Explanation: Fish tank maintenance can be challenging for a fish aquarium hobbyists. And the above meme is highlight that expression.

So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed these fish and aquarium hobby memes. Please share this post with others if you found it enjoying. Thanks!