Can Anubias Survive Without Leaves?


When caring for aquarium plants, it’s important to know what conditions are best for them, but also what you can do if something goes wrong. Moreover, it’s also essential to know the difference between a plant that just needs recovery time, or a plant that may need to be taken out. An Anubias plant is … Read more

Does Hornwort Need Fertilizer? (5 Best Fertilizers For Them)

Hornwort is a plant commonly found inside of aquariums. Also called coon’s tail, the plant has lots of horn-like needles and is adaptable to many different environments, making it a low-maintenance plant. Hornwort does need fertilizer because it is a fast-growing plant and uses up a lot of nutrients regularly. Do Hornworts Need Fertilizer? How … Read more

How Fast Does Hornwort Grow? (Explained)


Hornwort is one of the fastest-growing aquarium plants that is popular for its fast growth rate. Read on to explore how fast this plant can grow in a tank and what you can do if it outgrows your tank. Here’s How Fast Hornwort Grows: As a general rule, Hornwort grows around 1-6 inches every week. … Read more

Amazon Sword Turning Yellow? 8 Possible Reasons (& Cure!)


If you have a freshwater planted aquarium with Amazon Swords, they provide the best-looking foliage. Their bright green leaves not only give your fish wonderful hiding spaces, but they also help cover filters and other pumps. But, you may notice that the leaves are turning yellow. There are several possible reasons why your Amazon Sword … Read more