Does Hornwort Need Fertilizer? (5 Best Fertilizers For Them)

Hornwort is a plant commonly found inside of aquariums. Also called coon’s tail, the plant has lots of horn-like needles and is adaptable to many different environments, making it a low-maintenance plant. Hornwort does need fertilizer because it is a fast-growing plant and uses up a lot of nutrients regularly. Do Hornworts Need Fertilizer? How … Read more

How Fast Does Hornwort Grow? (Explained)


Hornwort is one of the fastest-growing aquarium plants that is popular for its fast growth rate. Read on to explore how fast this plant can grow in a tank and what you can do if it outgrows your tank. Here’s How Fast Hornwort Grows: As a general rule, Hornwort grows around 1-6 inches every week. … Read more