Do Corydoras Eat Plants? (All Doubts SOLVED!)


Aquarium plants offer a combination of benefits to your aquarium and some beautiful scenery for you and your fish to enjoy. Corydoras are known for being hungry fish, so you might be worried about how your plants will hold up to these fish. Do corydoras eat plants? Corydoras might nibble on plants occasionally, but it’s … Read more

Do Cory Catfish Need A Heater? (Helpful Guide)


The corydoras catfish, more affectionately known as the cory catfish, is an adaptive fish species that can survive in nearly any environment. These fish struggle to adapt to cold water because they are ectothermic (cold-blooded) animals. Therefore, they need a heater in their tank to maintain the proper water temperature.  When the cory catfish’s water … Read more