How Often Should You Clean A Sponge Filter? (Complete Guide)


Sponge filters are a popular choice for aquarium hobbyists because they are inexpensive, easy to maintain, and provide both mechanical and biological filtration for your tank. But with all the benefits that sponge filters bring, it’s important to remember that they do require regular cleaning to ensure they continue to work efficiently.  Here’s How Often … Read more

Sponge Filter For Betta: The Best Picks & Helpful Guide!


Sponge filters are one of the best choices for your lovely betta fish. Here’s a quick overview of the best sponge filters for betta: Sponge Filter For Betta: Size: AQUANEAT Mini Sponge Filter 0.5-3 Gallons Hygger Super Mini Sponge Filter 0.5-5 Gallons AQUANEAT Corner Sponge Filter 20-40 Gallons UPETTOOLS Aquarium Biochemical Sponge Filter 5-40 Gallons … Read more