Our Thorough Review Process

Goal and Insight Quality

At eFishkeeping, our primary goal is to provide top-quality insights and thorough analyses of the products we review. This helps you make informed and easy choices about the right products.

Initial Research

Our process begins with meticulous research on each product. We explore every detail before starting the review.

Critical Evaluation Factors

We brainstorm about key factors essential in making a purchase decision. Our analysis isn’t limited to just qualitative aspects; we also prioritize quantitative factors and compare the product against its competitors in the market.

Experience of the Reviewer

Our reviewer and main content creator of this site, Praveen Ghoshal has a lot of experience with fishkeeping.

He has been keeping a variety of freshwater aquarium fish for quite a few years. Currently, he owns 3 freshwater aquariums. Over the years, he has used different equipment and products essential in fishkeeping. His extensive knowledge and experience in the fishkeeping field helps in ensuring top-notch content-quality.

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Rating Methodology


After our comprehensive analysis, we rate each product out of 100%. This rating reflects various crucial aspects necessary for making a purchase decision. A product scoring close to 100% indicates high quality.

Our ratings are based on how well a product performs and stands out in its specific features. Quantifying these aspects makes it easier for our readers to decide, so we consistently incorporate this into our reviews.

User-Centric Feature Analysis

We focus on product features from a user’s perspective, offering our unbiased opinion on their utility and practicality in everyday life.

Objective and Balanced Reviews

We’re committed to helping you make genuine, well-informed purchase decisions. That’s why we discuss both the positives and negatives of every product, allowing you to weigh the pros and cons effectively.

High Standards for Our Reviews

Our review process adheres to high standards to ensure our readers can make the best purchase decisions for themselves.

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