Fish Tank Under A TV? Here’s What You Need To Know!

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So you are finding a good place for your fish buddies to live. And looking around you found that it would look awesome if you kept the fish near the TV.

But then suddenly you thought, is there any risk involved in doing that setup. Right? Then, luckily you landed in the right place.

I already have a fish tank set up under a TV (40 inches Sony Bravia) and successfully maintaining it for a long time now. Plus, I also did a bit of research on this before so I feel I can help you out in the best possible way. Stick with me till the end!

Can You Keep A Fish Tank Under A TV?

Yes, you can keep but you need to make sure that your fish tank is covered from the top and there is a reasonable gap between it and the TV. Also, make sure that the sound levels are not too high and the fish tank water can’t come in direct contact with the electric supply.

At our home currently, we have kept a fish tank of 23.4 gallons under a mounted TV (40 inches Sony Bravia). And till now we haven’t experienced any problem.

There are two strong tables that are joined and kept under the TV. On that, I and my Dad kept a big sheet of plywood. Then we kept the Thermocol foam sheets. After that, we placed the fish tank on it.

One very very important thing I want to mention is whatever arrangement you do for your aquarium (fish tank), just make sure that the surface you are keeping is leveled properly to avoid any chances of fish tank crack down the line.

I still remember when one morning when I woke up and saw that half the fish tank was empty with water! (Yes, because of a slight little crack that developed because the plywood was not kept properly)

Luckily we somehow fixed that. So make sure that you don’t make such mistakes. Now, ahead I am going to explain you each and every aspect in detail. So without further ado, let’s start!

Why Covering The Fish Tank Is Important If You Keep It Under A TV?


If there are many energetic fishes in your fish tank then there are chances of water splash. Now just imagine that you have kept the fish tank open from the top what would happen.

On top of that, if there isn’t much gap between the fish tank and the TV, then many times you would need to wipe out the screen.

By the way, seeing the image don’t think that I have kept the fish tank too close to the TV. Actually, the fish tank cover has already the height of the cover is 3 inches and still, there is about a one-inch gap between it and the TV.

Now you may ask what should be the gap between the TV and the fish tank. As a general rule of thumb, keep at least 2-3 inches gap (provided the fish tank is covered) between the fish tank and the TV. Try to keep a reasonable gap for more safety but also consider the overall looking.

Another reason why you should keep a fish tank covered the LED or any other light setup you have will severely impact your comfort of watching the TV.

The light will keep on distracting your eyes and so it wouldn’t be a good idea to do that. Isn’t it?

TIP – Find the color fish tank cover matching with the main TV color. This is because firstly it looks good and it doesn’t disrupt your experience when you watch TV.

You can also look for fish tank covers that have holes. This will not only allow some air circulation from outside but if you are in a hurry then it would be easier for you to feed your fishes.

What You Should Know About The Sound Levels Near Your Fish Tank?

Make sure that there is no very loud source of sound near your fish tank.


Does TV noise bother fish? In general, if you hear the TV with the inbuilt speakers and there is no vibration or ripples in the water of your fish tank then the TV noise would not bother your fish.

But if the sound is too loud then it might cause stress to your fish.

If you have a home theatre setup and the speakers are quite near your tank then just observe the behavior of your fishes. Notice the sound vibration. If everything seems normal then just relax.

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Beware Of Electricity If You Keep Fish Tank Near A TV!

You already know that water is a good conductor of electricity. So you wouldn’t be interested to mess with the electrical wires with wet hands or your aquarium water. Right? So just take care of it.

Tie all the hanging electrical wires that come out from behind your TV. Try to use an MCB if you are using the same electrical board for your TV as well as fish tank filter, heater, light, and all other kinds of stuff.


MCB, full form is miniature circuit breaker. So as the name suggest whenever there is some defect like short circuit then it will immediately cut off the power supply.

If you could keep all the electrical supply at a reasonable distance from your aquarium then well and good. But if you aren’t able to do so, then consider all the things that I said to you.

Is It Ok To Put A Fish Tank Near A TV?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to put a fish tank near a TV provided there is not much noise and there are no places where the tank water can come in contact with the power supply.

In fact, it is a trend in recent times and looks great along with your TV. People are also keeping fish tanks with customized furniture that adds up to their interior design.

If you would like to mount the TV on the wall and then keep your fish tank under it. Then for that, I have discussed everything. But what if you don’t want to mount the tv on the wall. Is there any aquarium stands available?

Can You Use A TV Stand For A Fish Tank?

Yes, you can use a TV stand for a fish tank but don’t put a very heavy fish tank on it. Generally, you can keep a fish tank of up to 10-20 gallons on a TV stand.

Remember that the TV stand’s primary purpose is to keep a TV. But a fish tank is much heavier than that. You also put gravel and all other things that make it quite heavier.

What Are The Best Places To Put A Fish Tank In Your House?

If you find a spot in your house which is not under direct sunlight, not much noise around, power supply is near, and looks great then it is the ideal place to put your fish tank.

Find the spot where you can do proper maintenance, that too in an easy way. Plus the water and all other necessary things are easily accessible.

Here’s a video by CoralFish12g which you can watch to determine the perfect fish tank location.


There are many things to take care of while setting up a fish tank in proper location. But don’t be too much afraid.

Just use your common sense and keep your fish tank under, near, or next to your TV, (wherever you wish), following all the general safety measures.

That’s it! Hope you liked reading this article. If you found this helpful then do share this with others.

Till then, Thanks and Happy fishkeeping!

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