Can Bettas Live With Zebra Danios? (5 Things To Consider!)

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So you are planning to keep bettas with zebra danios but aren’t sure whether you can keep them together. You are in the right place!

Can bettas live with zebra danios? Yes, although the temperature requirements differ, bettas and zebra danios can live together. However, if the zebra danios are nipping the fins of the betta, causing stress to the betta by their movement, if the betta is chasing zebra danios, or if they are competing for food then it is good to separate them.

Personally, I have kept my betta fish with zebra danios and I haven’t faced any issues.

If you are not in a hurry, I do highly recommend you to be with me till the end. I’m going to discuss the 5 things you need to consider while keeping your betta fish with zebra danios.

So let’s start!

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#1. Zebra Danios May Nip the Fins Of Your Betta

Honestly, I haven’t noticed the fin nipping and biting by my zebra danios.

But according to fishkeepingworld, zebra danios can show aggressive behavior towards slow-moving long-finned fish species and can be found biting at their fins.

So if your zebra danios are found nipping the fins of your betta then you should separate that immediately.

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#2. Zebra Danios Can Move A Lot Which May Stress Betta

I can tell from my experience that zebra danios keep moving here and there in the tank. And it is quite fun to watch them.

Sometimes whenever my tank is without them it feels that the tank is missing something.

Now, although this behavior is good. However, if you have a very small tank then your betta may get stressed by their constant movement.

Generally, if your tank is spacious enough and has enough hiding places then your betta won’t bother the zebra danios much.

But still, if you are noticing any kind of stress behavior in your betta due to the zebra danios movements then, it is good to separate them.

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#3. Betta Might Keep Chasing Your Zebra Danios

Generally, your betta won’t care that much about your zebra danios.

But, it may also happen that when you introduce your zebra danios with your bettas and if you have a small tank then your betta may keep chasing the zebra danios.

Although having enough space and hiding places in the tank will solve this issue but if you are facing this constantly then best is to separate them.

#4. Your Zebra Danios And Betta Might Compete For Food

I haven’t felt this issue as my betta and zebra danios don’t bother each other much

However, it can happen that your zebra danios are competing with your betta fish when you feed. And if you feel that this behavior is starving your fish then you should separate them.

#5. Temperature Requirements Of Bettas And Zebra Danios Are Not The Same

Temperature Requirement:

  • Bettas: 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit (source)
  • Zebra Danios: between 64 – 75 °F (17-24 °C) (source)

So as you can see, there is a difference between the temperature requirement of bettas and zebra danios.

But don’t worry because zebra danios are some of the hardiest fish in the aquarium trade.

And, if you have a heater that maintains the proper required temperature in your tank then most probably won’t face much problem.

Tips To Keep Bettas And Zebra Danios Together

  • Make sure that the tank is spacious enough for both the bettas and the zebra danios
  • Have enough hiding places in the tank.
  • Have a heater to maintain the proper temperature in the tank.

Here’s my video in which I shared 7 helpful tips for keeping bettas with other tank mates.

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Final Thoughts

Personally, I haven’t seen any issue keeping my betta with zebra danios together.

But if you are seeing any problems keeping bettas with zebra danios then, the best thing is to just separate them immediately.

So I hope now your all doubts are cleared keeping the bettas with the zebra danios. If you liked reading this article then you can also check out my YouTube Channel “eFishkeeping”.

That’s it! Thanks, have a great day 🙂

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