Guppy Fish Care: A Complete Beginner’s Guide


Guppy fish are a popular tank fish known for being laid-back and easy to care for, as well as for having bright, beautiful colors. They’re also pretty effective at mosquito control. First discovered in South America around the mid-1860s, guppies were quickly introduced to the pet trade. Since then, these hardy livebearers have been bred … Read more

Do Guppies Like Caves? Do They Like Hiding? (Explained)


So you’re thinking about decorating your guppy tank with caves. But, before you put caves in your guppy tank, it’s essential to know if guppies like caves. Guppies are very active and playful fish, so they don’t hide very often. However, they prefer caves because it allows them to rest and have a peaceful place to … Read more

Will Different Types Of Guppies School Together?


There are 300 types of guppy fish existing with a variety of tail shapes and color patterns. So if you want to make your tank look amazing and colorful, keeping different guppies comes to mind. But is it really possible? Let’s explore! Will Different Types Of Guppies School Together? Different types of guppies are generally … Read more

Do Male Guppies Need Females? (Everything You Need To Know!)


Guppies are a joy to watch swimming around in their tanks, happily nibbling on food or exploring their surroundings. If you’re bringing home guppies, you may have trouble deciding whether or not you should have female guppies as companions for male guppies or vice versa.  Male guppies don’t necessarily need females in their tank, but … Read more

At What Time Do Guppies Give Birth? (A Must-Read Guide!)


I know you are pretty excited to see your guppies giving birth to cute guppy fries 🙂 But do note guppies exhibit filial cannibalism, which means they often eat their own fry! So it is crucial to prepare everything when your guppies give birth and take proper care. Estimating when your guppies give birth will … Read more