Mystery Snails & Bettas: Can They Live Together? (Explained)

Mystery Snail And Betta Fish

Keeping bettas is surely fun. But a time comes when you are compelled to add more tankmates for your betta. And that’s when you think about keeping mystery snails and bettas. In most cases, mystery snails and bettas can live together. However, some bettas can be very aggressive and territorial and peck at the antennae … Read more

Do Yoyo Loaches Eat Snails? (Explained!)


Will Yoyo loaches eat snails? There are two situations whenever you are thinking about this question. First, some of you wonder whether the Yoyo snails are capable enough to control the snails in your aquarium. While other aquarists are concerned if the Yoyo snails will eat away their lovely snails. In this guide, I will … Read more