Angelfish With Convict Cichlid: Can They Live Together?


Alright, so you are interested in keeping Angelfish with Convict Cichlids. But wait, will it be a good match? Read on to learn more! Can Angelfish Live With Convict Cichlids? Generally, angelfish can’t live with convict cichlids because they can show aggression towards each other, and the angelfish will eventually suffer from it. However, even … Read more

Do Angelfish Feelers Grow Back? (A Complete Guide!)


So you walk by your aquarium and look at all your fish swimming around and doing their thing. But, you notice something awful! The lower feeler things on your Angelfish are missing! Your next question probably is, “Do Angelfish feelers grow back?” Take a deep breath. Yes, they do. However, this will largely rely on … Read more