Can You Use Aquarium Water For Plants?


Your aquarium may be home to plenty of beautiful fish and even aquatic plant life. But if you also keep a garden, it is totally natural to wonder can you use aquarium water for plants? It is not only possible, but beneficial for most species of plants to be watered using average water from an … Read more

Can Anubias Survive Without Leaves?


When caring for aquarium plants, it’s important to know what conditions are best for them, but also what you can do if something goes wrong. Moreover, it’s also essential to know the difference between a plant that just needs recovery time, or a plant that may need to be taken out. An Anubias plant is … Read more

Do Cory Catfish Eat Algae Wafers? (A Closer Look!)


When it comes to feeding your Cory Catfish, you may be wondering what types of food they will enjoy. Algae wafers may comcleae to mind as a potential feeding option, but can Cory Catfish eat them? Read on to explore more! Their Anatomy Is Not Suited For Eating Algae Cory Catfish, like many bottom dwelling … Read more