Are Albino Cory Catfish Blind? (Explained!)


Having an Albino Cory Catfish makes a wonderful addition to any tank. They’re peaceful and fun. But, because of their pale skin and reddish eyes, many people mistakenly believe these fish are as blind as a bat. It’s easy to see why people would say that, their eyes are a delicate part of their bodies. … Read more

Do Bettas Need Air Pump? (A Helpful Guide!)


Once your betta tank is setup, one of the next things you start to wonder is whether or not your betta needs an air pump. Typically, bettas don’t need an air pump since they have a labyrinth that allows them to breathe air from the water surface. However, having a gentle air pump to maintain … Read more

Can Bettas Live With Zebra Danios? (5 Things To Consider!)


So you are planning to keep bettas with zebra danios but aren’t sure whether you can keep them together. You are in the right place! Can bettas live with zebra danios? Yes, although the temperature requirements differ, bettas and zebra danios can live together. However, if the zebra danios are nipping the fins of the … Read more